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Lights, camera, adventure! 

From capturing breathtaking landscapes in Austria, the United States, Canada, UAE, Indonesia, Hungary, and Italy to leading high-performing teams as a Solutions Architecture Manager and Senior Manager, my journey has been a seamless fusion of technical storytelling, cinematography, and technology.

As a cinematographer, I have had the privilege of uncovering and capturing meaningful stories in some of the most remote and challenging corners of our planet. From the snow-capped peaks of the Austrian Alps to the bustling streets of major cities, I have embraced the art of visual storytelling to transport viewers to captivating worlds, evoking emotions and igniting imaginations.

My passion for cinematography extends beyond borders, as I have traversed diverse cultures, capturing the essence of each location. Whether it's the vibrant energy of the United States and Canada, the grandeur of the UAE's modern architecture, or the tropical paradise of Indonesia, I have immersed myself in the unique tapestry of each place, seeking to convey their stories through stunning visuals.

Throughout my career, I have not only honed my skills as a cinematographer but also delved into the world of technology as a Solutions Architecture leader. I have blended my deep understanding of cloud computing with my creative vision, crafting innovative solutions that bridge the gap between technology and creative storytelling. This unique combination has enabled me to deliver exceptional results, leveraging cutting-edge tools and techniques to showcase the transformative power of cloud solutions.

With an unwavering dedication to excellence, I have directed, shot and created over 500 assets, ranging from corporate and industrial films to documentaries and virtual production projects over the past decade. I have collaborated with renowned brands like Ferrari, Amazon Web Services, Pixelstack Media, Coca-Cola, and more, breathing life into their stories and leaving a lasting impact.

Through my work, I have embraced the art of technical storytelling, seamlessly transitioning between film and digital formats, and capturing moments that evoke genuine emotions. My passion for cinematography, filmmaking, and technology is fueled by the belief that visuals have the power to transcend boundaries, unite cultures, and inspire positive change.

Much Love.



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Irvine, California

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